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The Madness of a Michigan Spring

There is major madness in Michigan, as is common in Spring. By this point in the calendar, most of us parents have been housebound and sun-deprived for months, gobbling Vitamin D to avoid snapping like Jack Nicholson in a garden maze. Our kids have already outgrown all their winter clothes and lost a few dozen

Those Four Little Words “I love you, anyway.”

Since I’ve moved to Michigan, I’ve learned it’s particularly challenging to look outside your window at the gray slush pooling in your driveway and think about love. But think about it we must, because after four months of meteorological punishment, Valentine’s Day is all we have to keep our inner pilot lights lit until the

Sooner or Later, we all give in to “Arbor Gravity”

You might not know it by looking at me, but I’m not from around here. That shouldn’t be very surprising, though, since Ann Arbor has a lot of transplants. Literally billions of people come here for school, get sucked into the seductive pull of Arbor Gravity, and never leave. (OK, not billions. It just seems