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Girls group inspiration: A conversation with teen Hasna (Nina) Ghalib

Girls Group, an Ann Arbor nonprofit organization, offers support to middle and high school students through programming and mentoring services. The mission of Girls Group is to develop character, leadership, self-confidence and social-consciousness skills in young women. Ann Arbor Family asked the leadership at Girls Group to select one student who displayed outstanding attributes while making

Strategies to help Special Needs Kids with Holiday Stress

Let’s face it: the holiday season brings joy to our lives, but can also bring a lot of stress. All of the parties, festivities, events, and activities of the season can feel overwhelming to everyone, especially children with special needs. Betsy Stoelt LMSW, a clinical social worker at Eastern Michigan University’s Autism Collaborative Center, shared

10 Ways to Get Children Involved in the Election

Adults are not the only ones who feel the energy and excitement of an election season; children do as well. Here is a list of suggestions to involve your children and to help them understand what the election is all about: Depending on the age and development of your child, offer information on the election,