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Guns, Kids, and Safety: Local parents and experts weigh-in

“Do you have guns in your house?” is the first question Mary, a young mom of two in Chelsea asks of friends, neighbors and childminders. If the answer is yes, then Mary probes further to ensure the guns and any ammunition are locked away safely from her kids. Mary says, “It can be a difficult

Local Dad Dustin Kuras Competes on Sports Jeopardy!

With boundless energy and enthusiasm, Dustin Kuras, a stay-at-home dad from Ypsilanti, competed on Sports Jeopardy! on NBCSN last November. Coming in a close second to the reigning champion Earl Holland, Kuras says, “was so much fun and just a great experience. My kids can now say, ‘My dad was on television!’ ” From selling steel to the demands of a family