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Spendthrifts or Tightwads?

Spenders or savers? Instant gratification shopper or Ebenezer Scrooge-style miser? Most of us fall into one camp or another when it comes to making financial decisions. But do our children also have strong feelings about spending money at an early age? To learn more about children’s feelings on spending and saving, a recent University of

10 Fun Family Day Trips

We’ve got you covered. These destinations are a short drive away, don’t require a TSA pat-down, and are perfect for your whole family to enjoy. Auburn Hills/Rochester One hour northeast of Ann Arbor you will find plenty of options for shopping, food and entertainment at the Great Lakes Crossing Outlets. Brick lovers can build all

Time-Saving Maid Becomes Life-Saving Hero

Molly Maids Dawn Dohn and Alyssa Elyer reported to their Pittsfield Township assignment in November, expecting to clean the home of new mother Tracy Rumfelt. But after entering the home, they encountered a distraught mother holding her baby.