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Craft of the month: Clothespin Butterflies

It wouldn’t be spring without making at least one butterfly craft with the kids. These bright, cheery butterflies are a perfect decoration and also a great way to help your children use their imagination. The best thing about these flying friends is you can use whatever you have around the house! Supplies: Clothespin Pipe Cleaner

Craft of the month: Paper Kites

Looking for a reason to get outside with the kids after hibernating all winter? Paper kites are the perfect boredom buster and they are a great excuse to get the kids outside to run around. Quick, easy, and depending on the age, also as simple or fancy as the kids would like, wind or no

Surviving Life with a Graduate Student in the Family

Rumor has it that there is more than one reason why Ann Arbor, more specifically the University of Michigan, is part of the Big Ten. Because of the abundance of graduate students in the city, spouses and families tend to see their grad student a “Big Ten” minutes each day… if they are lucky. Why