Involving Children in the Kitchen

Preparing meals is a life skill for your children to master before they move out of your home, but what are the best ways to go about teaching them? Lilian Anderson, the owner of Sprouting Chefs, an Ann Arbor business that offers children’s cooking classes, shares some of her expertise. As a trained chef, registered

Day trip to Belle Isle

Traveling to the gem of the Detroit River, Belle Isle, situated in northeast Detroit, is a short hour drive from Ann Arbor and can be easily made into a full day trip when coupled with outings around the island. Where to go Lovers of architecture and aquatic life will both be entranced by a trip

Craft of the month: Paper Kites

Looking for a reason to get outside with the kids after hibernating all winter? Paper kites are the perfect boredom buster and they are a great excuse to get the kids outside to run around. Quick, easy, and depending on the age, also as simple or fancy as the kids would like, wind or no

Kids Horoscope: Aries

March 21- April 19 Adventurous, but surprisingly sensitive, the Aries child loves being in the spotlight. A fire sign, they love attention and aren’t scared to demand it. They can be impatient, and love to be the first in line, but they are more than happy to share. A generous child, Aries children know “sharing

Those Four Little Words “I love you, anyway.”

Since I’ve moved to Michigan, I’ve learned it’s particularly challenging to look outside your window at the gray slush pooling in your driveway and think about love. But think about it we must, because after four months of meteorological punishment, Valentine’s Day is all we have to keep our inner pilot lights lit until the

Letter to My Teenage Son about Marriage

Dear Teenage Son, Today your dad and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary. It was a remarkable day since all around us with increasing regularity, marriages are falling apart. Tying the knot is the easy part; staying together requires intentional habits, and staying in love most certainly does not happen by chance. Here are some

Welcoming women of all nations to Ann Arbor

Moving to a new city brings with it many challenges, such as finding grocery stores, registering kids for school, and locating the public library. But when you move to a foreign country and don’t speak the language, those challenges intensify. This is the situation faced by families moving to Ann Arbor from other countries each year. In 1958 Esther