Support after Cesarean Birth

Women giving birth in Washtenaw County have many options: in a hospital, at home, with a midwife, with an OB-GYN, unassisted, vaginally and, for many women, via cesarean section (C-section). Cesarean sections occur for many reasons, but no matter the reason, the local chapter of the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) is a welcome resource

The low-down on diet, toys, and stay-at-home parents

What does the latest research say about the diet of U.S. children or the best toys for kids’ development? And what do adults really think about working versus staying at home to raise a family? Take a look: Diet In a study recently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers from Brown University

Where to Turn When your Child Needs Medical Attention, STAT

Sooner or later, all parents face an unexpected medical meltdown: the baby spikes a scorching fever in the wee hours. The preschooler swallows something suspicious. The middle-schooler wrenches an ankle at basketball practice. When faced with a medical emergency—or a situation that could become one—what’s a parent to do? Head straight for the chaotic, costly

Washtenaw County Public Health’s Tips to Ensure a Lead Safe Home

Is my water safe from lead?” With the water crisis in Flint, it’s a question many parents and families have asked in the last year. Kristen Schweighoefer, Environmental Health Director for Washtenaw County Public Health (WCPH), has been fielding many of those questions and giving helpful tips and advice on how to protect kids from lead

The 2016 Ann Arbor Public Schools Climate Survey

Released this summer, the 2016 Ann Arbor Public Schools School Climate Survey Report highlighted many positive aspects of people’s feelings about AAPS, but left room for improvement in the district as well. K12 Insight partnered with Dawn Linden, executive director, elementary education to develop the 2016 School Climate Survey which primarily addressed the topics of: