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10 Reasons Why the Tooth Fairy Did Not Come Last Night

It glistened in the soft morning light– the single tear that fell from my daughter’s eye as she stood in our bedroom doorway. “Mommy, she didn’t come!” she breathed despondently. Then that single tear turned into a torrent. Oh, Fudge. The Tooth Fairy didn’t come last night. “Uh,” I stammered in reply, elbowing my husband awake. “What

Blackbird Bonnets

After her second child was born, Michigan native Katie Robinson could not find a stylish twist on the classic baby bonnet. “I always really liked bonnets, but I wanted a modern version. I had a hard time finding what I wanted in stores. I wanted something neutral, but not frilly and old-fashioned,” says Robinson. The

Area doulas offer advice to expectant moms

Pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period are an important and exciting time in the life of a family. Crucial preparations and decisions need to be made before a brand-new baby arrives. In addition to doctors, nurses, and midwives, a doula can offer guidance and support during this time. According to DONA International, a doula provides

Inside out in Ann Arbor

Having a baby can mean facing more decisions about purchasing products than one knew was possible: bassinet, cradle, or co-sleeper? Cloth or disposable diapers? With so many decisions to make, one of the last things the overwhelmed parent of an infant wants to decide is what kind of bottle to use. But the bottle decision