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Aniruddh Gala’s By The Sidewalk Food Tour

Aniruddh Gala wants to provide escapades of gastronomic delight for interested Ann Arbor denizens and visitors. By the Sidewalk, Gala’s new business venture, will offer two-and-a-half to three-hour walking tours of one to two miles that include information about Ann Arbor history, architecture and culture (as well as trivia) and stops for sampling at various

Altar’d State opens in the Center Court of Briarwood Mall

Altar’d State, a women’s fashion boutique has opened in the Center Court of Briarwood Mall, next to Lush Cosmetics. Altar’d State offers women of all ages the latest fashions, accessories, shoes and fabulous gifts that you won’t find anywhere else. With over 70 boutiques nationwide, this company is one of the fastest-growing apparel chains in