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Hungry Harvest Offers Delivery

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, 40 percent of all food produced in the U.S. goes to waste. Hungry Harvest aids the Ann Arbor area by rescuing (purchasing) produce from local farms and wholesalers that would otherwise go to waste. The organization then curates and packs variety boxes and delivers them to customers’ homes

Teaspressa Opens in Ann Arbor

The popular TV show Shark Tank has made it to Ann Arbor’s Main Street. Teaspressa, featured on Shark Tank in 2016, is opening its first signature café in Ann Arbor. Teaspressa’s “coffee inspired tea are artisan loose leaf, handcrafted blends authentically sourced globally to create an elegant infusion of coffee culture into the world of

Cruelty Free Beauty with Vosenna

Joining Trader Joe’s in Lamp Post Plaza, Vosenna is an indie beauty retailer, featuring all indie, non-conglomerate brands such as Apocalyptic Beauty and House of Beauty. All brands sold by Vosenna are made in the USA and are not tested on animals. Many of the items are handcrafted and there are a large number of