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A local mom muses on what motherhood means to her

“Motherhood is buying a shirt for your daughter that she tried on and loved in the store only to get home and have her refuse to wear it because it’s too itchy.“ This was the status update I posted on my Facebook page recently. It’s so simple, yet so true. There are many more truths

How to Be a Great Parent Coach

You sign your child up to play a sport. And then comes the phone call: the team is short of coaches. Would you consider helping out? If you want to say yes, but worry that you don’t have what it takes, we’ve rounded up a list winning qualities to help you out. A great parent

News That’s Worth Sharing: Fake news vs. real news

How do you make a good decision or form a sound opinion? For most adults, the answer is obvious. Find the best information you can from sources that have proven reliable in the past. For young people, things may not be as clear. By age 18, it’s estimated that 88% get much of their news