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Spreading kindness with rocks

One day this past January, Dexter resident Nicole Barczak was scrolling through Facebook when something caught her attention. A friend from Florida had posted a photo of her girls painting rocks for their local rock group. Barczak was intrigued, and did some research. She and her husband have four children who enjoy crafts and creative

Bringing Ideas from the Classroom to the Board

Despite retiring after a 38 year teaching career, Jeff Gaynor is staying involved in Ann Arbor schools. Now instead of leading in the classroom, he brings his ideas and enthusiasm to the Ann Arbor Board of Education. Elected last November, Gaynor hopes that his teaching experience can lead to positive changes. Teaching students to think critically

Celebrate Reading Month with local literacy expert Melissa Brooks-Yip

Melissa Brooks-Yip is curled up with her two girls, Ella and Izzy, reading Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, their new favorite book by Grace Lin. Lin weaves traditional Chinese fairy tales into her own stories. Brooks-Yip’s husband, Danny, is also hooked on the books, which have introduced his girls to tales he heard growing

One local mom’s ideas for recording memories

The year I turned seven my mom had a nightmare that my siblings and I grew old, moved away, and that she couldn’t remember anything about us when we were little. The sound of our voices, the silly stories we made up, our facial expressions were all lost to time. In an effort to prevent

Local Dad Dustin Kuras Competes on Sports Jeopardy!

With boundless energy and enthusiasm, Dustin Kuras, a stay-at-home dad from Ypsilanti, competed on Sports Jeopardy! on NBCSN last November. Coming in a close second to the reigning champion Earl Holland, Kuras says, “was so much fun and just a great experience. My kids can now say, ‘My dad was on television!’ ” From selling steel to the demands of a family