Judson Center Seeks Foster and Adoptive Parents Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Image courtesy of Ben Wicks.
Image courtesy of Ben Wicks.

Are you looking to adopt or foster a child? Right now might be the best time to do it. Judson Center and affiliate Child Safe Michigan are currently continuing to safely recruit, train, and support foster care and adoptive parents amid a pandemic.

With everyone staying home, it’s become more difficult to detect child abuse and neglect. Since the beginning of the pandemic, child abuse has had a spike in reports because children are usually stuck in the home with an abuser. The child/adult network that normally keeps children safe is currently lost because people outside the home cannot see how children are doing. Judson Center and its affiliate, Child Safe Michigan, want to help curb these incidences and help children find safe places to stay.

In Michigan, there are about 13000 children in our foster care system. These children have been removed because they cannot stay at home safely. Judson Center and Child Safe are recruiting individuals and families who are willing to temporarily open up their homes to children in need, ensuring these children get a safe and nurturing environment. 

Judson Center and Child Safe Michigan are still available to train and retain prospective foster and adoptive parents. Citizens can learn more about becoming a foster and adoptive parent either by phone as (313) 255-8272 or email at foster_care@judsoncenter.org