Support for Children with Special Needs from Local Mothers

Courtney Stinson is a resident of Washtenaw County, mother of two children, and married to her supportive husband, Jeff. Stinson’s first child, Nathan, was born completely healthy. When Stinson got pregnant with her second child, she expected she would also give birth to a healthy baby. The unexpected happened when her second baby, Ellie, was

Make the Holidays More Fun for Kids with Sensory Issues

Parties and family gatherings, special food, twinkling lights – what’s not to like about the holidays? Plenty, for kids with autism and other sensory challenges. Many are easily overwhelmed by new sights and sounds. Spending time with relatives you rarely see, eating unusual food and opening presents is a lot to take in, especially when

Matching area teens with forever families at MARE Meet and Greets

There are currently more than 300 older children ages 8-17 in Michigan foster placements,  waiting anxiously to be adopted. Ann Arbor-based Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) has a unique program designed to match these kids with prospective families and help them realize their goal of finding a forever family before they age out of the

A Mother’s Heart

Parents with a newborn sent to the hospital’s Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) often describe the experience as an emotional roller coaster. Nothing can quite prepare a mother’s heart for this type of experience. One Saline mother, Sara Austin, shares her story of what it was like to have her newborn child stay in the

Local Doctoral student studies benefits of yoga in children

While the popularity of yoga has surged in the US, little is known about its benefits for children on the autism spectrum. Morgan Wright, Doctoral Fellow in Clinical Psychology at Eastern Michigan University, decided to help fill that information void. An uncommon intervention for a common diagnosis Although the official estimate of children with Autism

Fighting the daily battle of Crohn’s disease

On the surface, Nicky Andrews looks like a typical teenager. The Superior Township high school sophomore likes to have fun with her friends and family. She is heavily involved in dance. She enjoys forensic research. What is not apparent are the biweekly injections she receives to help her fight Crohn’s disease, and the team of doctors who work to keep her healthy and

Special Needs Guide 2016

Parents with special needs children benefit greatly from support and/or specialized information groups, coming together to share experiences and helpful advice. Here are some resources that provide help. Supporting those that care Local support groups for parents By Donna Iadipaolo The Parent SHARE Support Group This group, run by the Autism Collaborative Center at Eastern

How To Find The Right Babysitter For Your Special Needs Child

I used to say that only a Ph.D.-level child psychologist could babysit my son. This was before James was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. My main worry was that a babysitter wouldn’t be able to withstand James’ crying. That he was vulnerable to abuse. Thankfully, James became less fussy and much more fun to be around.