Jan Brett Makes a Visit to Schuler Books

The news that Jan Brett would be bringing her winter wonderlands to Schuler Books in Ann Arbor has caused quite the stir among book lovers. Brett has been creating her distinctive books for over three decades. She first published in 1981 and with over forty-one million copies of her books now in circulation has become a celebrated author and illustrator, renowned for her detailed depictions of animals and settings in children’s literature.

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Brett’s “Winter Collection Boxed Set” will be the star of the show, bundling together four favorites: “The Snowy Nap,” “The Hat,” “Cozy,” and “The Three Snow Bears.” These stories bring characters like Hedgie and Cozy to life in winter adventures, captivating hearts as Brett weaves her storytelling magic into their wintery adventures.

Brett’s illustrations resonate deeply with readers, captivating them with stories within stories.

Alana Haley, Schuler Books marketing coordinator, said, “Children are always fascinated by animals, and illustrations that tell a story. They are smart enough to find the ‘hidden’ story Jan so cleverly draws in the borders! Each page is rich with story told through the illustrations. So while a child may not yet have the words, they can still follow along.” 

This layer of visual storytelling invites an interactive experience for all ages, turning each page into a journey of discovery and wonder.

A sold out success

Haley shared that community member’s overwhelming response aptly reflects the growing excitement.

Despite the event being scheduled for a weekday morning – Thursday, November 30 at 10 a.m. to be exact – tickets quickly sold-out.

For many, this isn’t just an event; it’s a chance to step into the very realms Brett has crafted through her award-winning books, an experience that promises to be as captivating as the narratives themselves.

But, don’t fret! In response, the store has released additional signing-only tickets, giving even more fans the opportunity to meet the author behind the beloved tales. 

An event to remember

Hosting in a bookstore as seasoned with events as Schuler Books means attendees are in for a real treat. Haley explains that their experience and passion for books create events that attendees talk about long after they’ve ended.

Schuler Books is no stranger to hosting Brett whose books are beloved by their staff and the community at large, with each visit turning the pages of her stories into a shared experience for her fans. 

This event is shaping up to be particularly memorable, with the fun extending beyond book signings.

“Besides a drawing demonstration, presentation, and signing by Jan, attendees may also snap a photo in front of their favorite book character on her wrapped tour bus and meet one of her favorite animals in person,” Haley said.

Plus, the first 100 families will receive a special memento — a signed poster from Brett.

The underlying message of this event? “That books are magic!” Haley exclaims. “And meeting an author who creates that magic, and watching them sign your book is such a special experience.”

It’s this ethos that Schuler Books hopes to pass on — to inspire the next generation of readers, and perhaps, writers.

Stay connected with sSchuler Books

Schuler Books invites you to join their community of book-lovers and dreamers by checking out their website and following their Facebook and Instagram pages.

“We regularly host author events for all ages and genres, many featuring local authors,” Haley said. 

Who knows? The next event just might feature one of your favorite authors.

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