Pod School Prep Helps with Virtual Learning During COVID-19

Pod School Prep
Stock photo courtesy of Arthur Krijgsman.

Virtual learning has been taxing for parents. But with Pod School Prep, parents have a better chance at helping kids with their schoolwork.

Pod School Prep is a new program that is made to help the virtual learning experiences for students amid COVID-19. The program is designed to help small groups of school-age students  (2 to 12 children) meet in-person on school days to work together on virtual learning.

At Pod School Prep, adults will learn how to become pod leaders who work as tutors, camp counselors, and virtual learning coaches. These leaders will help small groups of children better understand their virtual schooling in a way that teachers over the computer cannot currently do. Sarah Kurts McKinnon is the founder of the program and wants to provide children with a safe environment to learn in.

Kurtz McKinnon said the program was launched after listening to many working parents talk about how they need help with their children’s schoolwork during the pandemic. This program is ideal for parents who are working outside of the home, and their children need supervision and guidance. Parents who work in the home will also benefit from this program because it will give parents a chance to focus on their work instead of working solely on guiding their children through school work. 

Pod School Prep prioritizes the health and safety of the children and staff first and foremost. Each pod will determine their own safety protocols, and children will need to be supervised in a  safe and secure environment. From there, the Pod School Prep will help guide you into being a successful pod leader. The school is a self-paced virtual training program, giving you the time and opportunity to learn the ins and outs of being a great pod leader. 

Pods can be self-organized by parents or organized through larger organizations, such as school districts, YMCAs, or community centers. The people who create the pods establish teh rules and expectations, including safety expectations, legal considerations, and schedules. 

Pod School Prep will launch in Mid-August. So keep an eye out for when the training starts.

For more information on how to become a pod leader, check out their website here.