Ann Arbor Summer Festival Proudly Announces Scott Silven’s ‘The Journey’

scott silven the journey
Image courtesy of A2SF.

Tickets are one sale now for the Ann Arbor Summer Festival’s newest show, Scott Silven’s The Journey.

The general public can now purchase tickets for Scott Silven’s The Journey, presented by the Ann Arbor Summer Festival (A2SF). A2SF is excited to welcome back renowned illusionist Scott Silven, who has preformed a sold-out run of his critically acclaimed At the Illusionist’s Table in 2018. 

Scott Silven’s newest production of The Journey features a live, virtual theater experience, allowing audience members to stay safe but still enjoy the evening. Audience members will go from their living room to Silven’s home in rural Scotland to enjoy a mesmerizing show. Travel through beautiful cinematic imagery and high-definition immersive sound to arrive in Silven’s home. Hear a long-forgotten story, interact direction with Silven in a cutting-edge digital space, and help shape the evening’s extraordinary illusions. During the show, audience members will delight in the illusions brought right into their homes. However, there is a limited number of seats for the audience available.

Although there is a maximum of 30 guests per show, each intimate, interactive event comes together through the audience. Each audience member will bring their own sense of home and connection, and fellow travelers inhabiting the same digital space across the world will be able to contribute to the atmosphere. During the times of COVID, a connection with others is sure to uplift spirits.

“We’re all missing human connection and in-person performance. While it will still be some time before we can all gather again, we’re thrilled to offer this special production for our audiences – it’s a virtual experience unlike anything else you’ve experienced during the time of COVID. Scott is a unique talent who left audiences mesmerized after his 2018 Ann Arbor show, which makes his return exciting. Through The Journey, he’s created something really special for an audience of 30 at a time,” Executive Director Mike Michelon shares.

Tickets start at $46 and will be available on the A2SF website. Meanwhile, dates for the show are as follows:

Tuesday, February 23: 7pm and 8:30pm

Wednesday, February 24: 7pm and 8:30pm

Thursday, February 25: 7pm and 8:30pm

Friday, February 26: 7:30pm and 9pm

Saturday, February 27: 7:30pm and 9pm

Sunday, February 28: 5pm and 7pm

For more information on the show, check out the A2SF website. Be sure to come check out the virtual experience of a lifetime!