Autism Collaborative Center at Eastern Michigan University

. July 30, 2014.

Because autism affects individuals in many different ways and varying degrees, the Autism Collaborative Center (ACC) at Eastern Michigan University offers a variety of evidence-based practices for the treatment of autism in all ages—all in one place.

“We have a multi-disciplinary team. Our clinicians are able to work together and consult with one another under one roof,” associate director of family and community services, Amy Sanderson said.

The ACC, a nonprofit organization, was founded in October 2009 and is part of EMU’s College of Health and Human Services. The Center offers psychology, speech pathology, social work, occupational therapy, music therapy, recreation therapy, as well as diagnostic services. Students are involved in all of their operations, receiving training while gaining experience working with autism patients.

“We take a very individual approach. We look at each case and each situation and make sure that whatever is recommended is something that the individual is ready for and the family is prepared to undertake,” Sanderson said.

ACC’s nonprofit status allows the organization to offer their services at a lower price than that of private clinics/centers. Because all insurance companies do not offer coverage for autism treatment, the financial impact can be great for a family dealing with an autism diagnosis. ACC recognizes that impact and can help arrange third party funding for autism treatment.

“The primary difference is that we are a center, not a clinic. We really operate as a community center and a resource for families. We are a welcoming place where people know they can come and be understood, be heard and be comfortable knowing that their children are receiving top quality care,” Sanderson said.

ACC is located in the Fletcher Building on Eastern Michigan
University’s campus at 1055 Cornell St.,,