Craft of the Month; Monster Mittens

. February 26, 2016.

We have all been victimized by the glove gremlins that sneak into our hall closets and kids lockers when we least suspect them.  We often save the lone garment either (a) hoping the other will turn up eventually or (b) to be mismatched with another hand cover missing its partner.  Eventually, when we realize the mysteriously missing glove will not be turning up, we throw away the lone ranger.  Well, not to fear, we have found a craft for you and your beginner sewer to utilize the single glove in an ever-so-cute fashion — the Glove Monster, courtesy of blogger Linda Gardner at Craftaholics Anonymous®.  Each monster takes on a unique persona depending on the style of glove and the faces you create for them.  These little guys will not only give you and your child some quality time together, but your child is also left with a huggable little friend of which they can say, “I made this!”


  • Gloves
  • Batting/filling
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Buttons and felt or other embellishments


Mitten instructions 

  1. Linda Gardner at Craftaholics Anonymous®
  2. Turn glove inside out.
  3. Sew a U shape from the top or bottom of thumb hole, depending on if you want a 4 or 5 fingered monster, to the other side of the glove leaving a hole at the top for flipping and stuffing.
  4. Turn the glove right side out tucking the cuff in the hole.
  5. Stuff with batting or filling.
  6. Hand stitch hole closed.
  7. Cut facial features out of felt and sew on or use buttons as eyes (if children are of appropriate age to avoid choking hazard).