Craft of the Month: Spring Flowers

. March 31, 2016.

As spring approaches flower enthusiasts start getting antsy to buy and plant seeds, move plants from indoors to outdoors and involve youngsters in a gardening experience. But given the unpredictable Michigan weather, we’ve have found a solution to keep you and your child satisfied until the weather has finished its bipolar episode. Bring spring into the house with DIY Paper Flowers from blogger Allison  the blog Pint-sized Treasures. This simple process for making paper flowers involves just a few supplies and will brighten any family room, kitchen or bedroom where the cooler weather blues hang heavy. Once the flowers are complete, find a cute vase or jar and some beads, rocks, buttons, etc. to complete the bouquet.


  • Cupcake liners
  • Paper straws, pipe cleaners or other “stem” material
  • Hot glue gun (or other glue if you prefer)



▪Poke hole in the bottom of the first cupcake liner. A hole punch works best,  but a skewer or other implement can work.
▪Place cupcake liner on your choice of stem with the cup facing up.
▪Scrunch the cupcake liner until it begins to take shape.
▪Slide a few centimeters down the straw and dab a bit of glue where you  would like the first liner to stay.
▪Move the liner back up to where the glue was placed.
▪Repeat the process for two more liners. You can always add more for a fuller flower.
▪Scrunch all the liners into your desired shape.
▪Let flowers fully dry before play time.