. January 11, 2013.

The beat of the taiko drums were the pulse of old Japanese villages. “If you could hear the drums beat, you were part of the community.” The world renowned performing arts ensemble Kodo brings this ancient form of expression to Ann Arbor with their thunderous new 2011 One Earth tour. The mastery and spectacle of their craft not only carries on a centuries old tradition, but it also brings listeners of all sorts together to form one earth, one community. Bring the kids for this special family friendly performance during Ann Arbor Public School’s winter break. Sponsored by the University Musical Society. 

Tickets may be purchased by phone, online or in person at the League Ticket Office, 911 North University Ave. 11am. $8 children/$16 adult.Hill Auditorium (825 North University Avenue, Ann Arbor. 734-764-2538. www.ums.org. www.kodo.or.jp