Ypsilanti Playgroup Offers Space for Children with Developmental Disabilities

April is Autism Acceptance Month, the perfect time to bring awareness to families who have children with this developmental disability.* 

A local playgroup in Washtenaw county, Pat-A-Cake Group for Children with Developmental Disabilities, provides a safe and nurturing space for children ages 0-6 who have developmental disabilities as well as their siblings to come together and socialize. It features music time, sensory time, parent time, and art time. 

Located at Work and Play Cafe (444 North Hewitt Rd, Ypsilanti), the group meets the first Saturday of the month in the morning, 10-11:30 a.m. and is hosted by local moms. 

All volunteers are trained. You can get your tickets here! It’s free, but it does fill up. 

The goal of the playgroup is to foster opportunities for new parents and experienced parents alike to come together, receive emotional support, and exchange contemporary information regarding parenting and disabilities. 

The goal of the playgroup is to offer hope for their child’s future as well as understanding and support. Information about other local events or services is frequently discussed, as well as introducing other resources or groups. 

Parents are encouraged to socialize while their children interact in the group. The schedule is typically as follows

  1. The children start with a song, dance, and story.
  2. They engage in sensory play or an art project.
  3. They have an opportunity for free play.
  4. The playgroup closes with a cleanup and goodbye song.

If a pregnant mom has a prenatal diagnosis for her child, they are also welcome to come.

Questions or comments? Contact Adrienne at 248-684-2446.

*Autism is often considered a developmental disability. However, it is important to note that some in the autistic community don’t consider autism a developmental disability and believe that framing it as such can be pathologizing it. They consider it just another neurotype and feel autistic people have developed as they should–it’s our societal structure itself that is set up to be unwelcoming to people who are neurodivergent. This is very similar to the social model of disability. 

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