Kids’ Spring Books for All Reading Levels

Employees at Nicola’s Books have curated this monthly list of kids books for all reading levels. This month (March) our books feature spring, adventure, and weathering difficult times. We hope you’ll find the perfect book for your child!  Links to the books can be found within the book titles.

BookThe First Notes of Spring

Type:  Picture Book

Description:  All of the animals in the forest make music to welcome spring.  As each animal makes the sound that suits them best a beautiful harmony is created to wake up spring and the pictures gradually change from cold winter into a colorful flower-filled spring. – Linda


Book: The Garden We Share

Type: Picture Book

NOTE: Out Mar 22, 2022

Description: One short sentence of nine words will break your heart. Yet this book sows hope and renewal. Simply and lovingly it shares what the garden teaches – evergreen lessons – to everything there is a season, life goes on, and spring always comes. – Alana


Book: Little Witch Hazel- A Year in the Woods

Type: Picture book

Description: This beautiful picture book follows Hazel through seasons in the forest as she lives her little witch life.  It is a timeless celebration of nature, which will appeal to children of all ages. – Meagen




BookKnight Owl

Type:  Picture Book

NOTE: Out Mar 15, 2022

Description:  A charming story of an owl who dreams to be a knight.  A story I can’t wait to share.  Owl is a delight and demonstrates how important each of us are, regardless of our size. -Christina



Book: Alice Fleck’s Recipes for Disaster

Type– Intermediate Reader

Description: Humor and mystery abound in this book! When Alice and her dad join a cooking competition based on Victorian era recipes hilarity ensues. My son and I loved reading this aloud together- Meagen




BookThe Ogress and the Orphans

Type:  Intermediate Readers

Description:  This extraordinary story begins with a note from the author (Kelly Barnhill who also wrote ‘The Girl Who Drank the Moon’) that captured me before I read the first page of the actual book.  The story did NOT disappoint. The book has so many levels beyond the lovely fairy tale about an ogress who moves into a town named Stone-in-the-Glen.  Middle grade readers will love the story that includes a dragon, fifteen orphans (named alphabetically) and crows that can communicate.  And, everyone needs a book that reminds us that ‘No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.’  – Christina


BookNew From Here

Type:  Intermediate Reader

Description:  This is an INCREDIBLE middle grade novel.  Kelly Yang has written a book that made me feel SO many things!!!  Living through Covid 19 is something all of our kiddos have faced and this book perfectly captures this unprecedented time.  Yang tackles tough topics but writes a beautiful story where love and kindness shine through.  – Christina


Book:  Endling #3: The Only

Type:  Intermediate Reader

Description: This series is my go to recommendation for middle grade readers. Katherine Applegate has a very special place in my heart … none of her books fail. But, the Endling series is my top favorite. It challenges readers who are just exploring new genres without intimidating. – Christina




Type:  YA

Description:  A fantastic dark fantasy with a fairy tale feel.  Ultimately, I would call it a book about belonging … and family that we choose rather than are born into.  The plot unfolds with flashbacks and a shadow world that keeps you entranced until the very end.  -Christina



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