Schuler Books’ December Reading Recommendations for Kids

Ann Arbor’s Schuler Books has gathered its updated list, for December, of books they would recommend for children and young adults. These lists provide ideas for all ages and help to provide some fresh literature choices to inspire your kids to read.

Book: Odder

Type: Intermediate Readers

Description: Katherine Applegate has done it again! Inspired by a real-life aquarium that pairs orphan otter pups with surrogate moms, Applegate has captured the early life of one little otter with all the heartfelt thought and emotion of a human biography, broken into bite-sized “chapters” to easily pick up or put down at your leisure…but you won’t want to put it down!



Book: The Penderwicks

Type: Intermediate Readers

Description: If you’re looking for a book series for your kid to get lost in over school break, look no further! The Penderwicks chronicles the lives of four sisters and their endless adventures and predicaments. Think modern day Little Women with the same old-fashioned charm.



Book:  The Bookshop of Dust and Dreams

Type:     Intermediate Readers

Description:    I loved this story about a magical bookshop.  Poppy and her family own and run Rhyme and Reason, a magical bookstore that welcomes customers from the past and the future. There is one very strict rule and that is that no one can ever use the time-traveling magic for any reason.  But that is what Poppy’s older brother does to save a friend and now the store is becoming terribly sick.   It’s up to Poppy to do whatever she can to save the store and her brother.  


Book: Bloodmarked


Type: Young Adult 

Description: Finally!!  A sequel to the fantastic “Legendborn”  and it does NOT disappoint.  Bree, Selwyn, and Nick are back and we learn more about Bree’s unpredictable (and unexpected) powers.  Tracy Deonn has outdone herself!

– Christina


Book: Too Early

Type:  Picture Book

Description:  A delightful (and beautiful) picture book for all of our early-rising kiddos.  Sometimes, the early morning one-on-one time with a parent is the BEST time of the day.  Watching the world wake up can be amazing … but, every parent has uttered the words ‘You wake up too early!’

– Christina


Book: Sallie Bee Writes a Thank You Note

Type:  Picture Book

Description:  Sallie Bee is jotting down what she needs to text her grandmother (so she doesn’t forget) while her mother is on the phone.  Sallie Bee didn’t know it but she wrote her first thank you note!  Her mother helps her finish it and off it goes in the mail!  Sallie Bee then discovers the joy of gratitude and finds ALL sorts of things to be thankful for.  A wonderful picture book with some back matter about writing thoughtful thank you notes! 


Book: Obsessive About Octopuses 

Type: Children’s nonfiction book

Description: An amazing book filled with gorgeous illustrations and fascinating facts about octopuses. From mythology to the latest scientific discoveries this book will be a favorite for children interested in ocean life and cephalopods. My son read it from cover-to-cover and simply loved it.


Book: The Great Caper Caper

Type: Juvenile

Description: “Oh my crepes!” More rollicking fun (and puns!) from Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast. This time they head to Las Veggies to retrieve the missing refrigerator light and their caper teaches Caper the importance of friendship!