Schuler Books Recommended Reads for Kids

Ann Arbor’s Schuler Books has gathered its updated list of children’s books they’d recommend. These lists provide ideas for all ages and help to provide some fresh literature choices to inspire your kids to read. 

Book:  Little Mole Goes To School

Type:  Picture Book


Description:  We are all anxious about new settings, new people … but as Little Mole shows us, we all have special gifts.  Little Mole and his woodland friends remind us all about the power of working together. A perfect book for back to school by local author Glenys Nellist. Don’t miss our upcoming event with her Saturday, September 10 at 11am in store!


Book:  If You Cry Like A Fountain

Type:  Picture Book


Description:  A picture book that acknowledges the need to cry but poses all sorts of positive ramifications from a good cry.  Lovely illustrations and a balanced blend of tenderness and humor. -Christina

Book:  J. R. Silver Writes Her World

Type:  Intermediate Reader


Description:  A fantastic story about a young middle schooler who discovers the ability to write her own fate.  What if the stories you wrote for creative writing class would come true?  Would that change what you wrote? -Christina

Book:  The Wind Rises

Type:  Intermediate Readers


Description:  This book swept me away on a journey that I couldn’t predict.  Lush descriptions of settings, vivid characters all with a backdrop of the brutal slave trade.  I couldn’t foresee how the story would unfold and I completely escaped into the story.  I was enamored with Alma from the start.  Great adventure tale for middle grade or YA readers … but anyone who reads it will ask ‘when is the next book due?’. -Christina

Book:  My Own Lightning

Type:   Intermediate Historical Fiction


Description:  Set in 1944 Pennsylvania, My Own Lightning continues the story of Annabelle, a young farm girl.  Recovering from burns and bruises after being struck by lightning Annabelle discovers she now has the ability to understand the feelings of animals.  Strangely, several dogs from the area have gone missing recently and she ends up having to work with Andy, a boy who bullied her cruelly, to help solve the mystery of their disappearance.  Fans of historical fiction will really enjoy this sequel to the Newbery Award winning Wolf Hollow. – Linda

Book: Firefly Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals

Type: Intermediate/YA nonfiction


Description: Do you know someone who loves dinosaurs and wooly mammoths? This is the book for them! It has brought countless hours of fascination, study and research to the customers, school libraries and family members I have shared it with. My son says it is our “best prehistoric creature book, hands down.” – Meagen

Book: Rocks, Minerals & Gems: The Definitive Visual Catalog of the Treasure Beneath Your Feet

Type: Nonfiction Intermediate/YA


Description: My family loves nonfiction books as resource materials and this is a great one. Scholastic has created a fantastic book for families with rock enthusiasts. Late summer and fall are one of the best times to get outside and find fossils, rocks and minerals worthy of school science reports and home collections. – Meagen

Book:  Long Story Short

Type:  YA Fiction


Description:  A fun rom-com set at theater camp.  Beatrice is adorably awkward and lovable.  A great summer read before starting back to school! -Christina