Schuler Books’ November Reading Recommendations

Ann Arbor’s Schuler Books has gathered its updated list, for November, of books they would recommend for children and young adults. These lists provide ideas for all ages and help to provide some fresh literature choices to inspire your kids to read. 

Book: Still this Love Goes On

Type: Picture book

Description: This stunningly beautiful book shares the delight in the sights, sounds, and smell of the world around us, as well as the hopefulness of never-ending love expressed through the songs and culture passed down on the reserve. Julie Flett’s illustrations couldn’t pair more perfectly with the song lyrics of Buffy Sainte-Marie. – Alana

Book: Brown is Beautiful

Type: Picture book

Description: Everything local author Supriya Kelkar writes is gold. Or in this case, beautifully brown! In simple rhyming lines and images, a child recognizes her worth and welcomes a new sibling into her loving family. – Alana

Book: Frizzy

Type: Middle grade

Description:  A much needed story about self love, and standing up to outside pressure to change how you look and how you see yourself. I wish this book had been around when my nieces were young. They always felt so much pressure to diminish their big, beautiful, dark brown hair.  – Alana

Book: A Very Big Fall

Type: Picture book 

Description: Emmy creates the most delightful illustrations, then an equally delightful, and humorous, story to go along with them. Leaves with differing personalities learn from pesky knowing squirrels about the inevitability of change, and how to embrace it. – Alana

Book: My Pet Feet

Type: Intermediate readers

Description: A (r)ollicking fun read! Both words and pictures tell the adventure of a little girl’s search for a missing letter in the most clever and fun way. Both kids and adults will love it.  It made me laugh out loud! – Alana

Book: Foul Lady Fortune

Type: Young adult

Description: Chloe Gong’s ‘These Violent Delights’ and ‘Our Violent Ends’ were fantastic reads and this book that includes some of the same characters is just as good!  Set in 1931 Shanghai it has intrigue, romance, plot twists, and fun characters.  I recommend anything by Chloe Gong!  – Christina


Book:   Sisterhood of Sleuths

Type:  Intermediate readers

Description: A fun middle grade mystery that includes SO many book references and Nancy Drew history.  By the author of ‘Book Scavenger’, this is a fun read that has evolving friendships, family dynamics, and laughs!  – Christina

Book:   I Miss You, I Hate This

Type:  Young adult

Description: A novel about living through the pandemic as a teenager.   COVID-19 impacted us all but Saedi does a great job of expressing how especially hard it was on high school seniors, Parisa and Gabriela.  The story is sweet, compassionate with authentic voices and true friendship.  – Christina

Book:  Two Degrees

Type:   Intermediate readers

Description: Set in different areas of North America, four young teens fight to survive the life threatening situations brought on by climate change.  Readers will experience a raging forest fire, a Category 5 hurricane, and hungry polar bears in Canada.  While Two Degrees is filled with adventure and suspense it also gives the important message of speaking up and working together to save our planet.  -Linda

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