Tips For Childproofing Your Home

Photo by Brina Blum on Unsplash

Getting ready for a baby’s arrival involves a lot more than just buying a crib, stroller, and boxes of diapers. According to the 2022 Annual Childproofing Report by, 40% of parents believe a child’s injury could have been avoided had they taken proper child proofing precautions in and around the home.

Toddlers have an incredible way of getting into just about anything they see! Safehome dadfluencer Patrick Quinn from “Life Of Dad” shares useful pointers for how to childproof each section of your home.

Living Room

  • Keep your window-blind cords either cut short or tucked away so that children don’t get entangled in them
  • Install door stops and door holders, they work wonders to keep little fingers from being pinched 
  • Cover unused outlets so that children are not tempted to stick their tiny fingers in and get shocked
  • Use safety gates if your home has stairs


  • Lock your stove knobs. You never know when your kid will decide to ignite your stove burners!
  • Secure low drawers in your kitchen, especially if they contain dangerous items like scissors or knives
  • Make sure electric appliances are unplugged when they are not in use


  • Install safety locks and latches on your toilet so that your child doesn’t get into them 
  • Place a rubber slipcover next to the bathtub to avoid your child slipping and falling when the area is wet 
  • Make sure that the cabinet containing chemicals in the bathroom is locked

Dining Room

  • Make sure that glass objects are stored out of reach 
  • Check if your child’s highchair features a safety strap between the legs 

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