2022 Summer Reading Club for Kids

Nicola’s Books recommends June reads for kids of all ages.

Nicola’s Books has announced the kick off of its 2022 Summer Reading Club for kids. Keep your children learning and excited about reading over the summer by signing them up. Once a child is signed up via the link, they’ll email you all the details and the materials you need to get them reading, recording, and earning up to three $5 coupons that may be used to purchase anything in the store.

This year’s theme is Create Your Summer Story ; they hope to inspire your children to create with things they find throughout the summer and bring to life the stories they read, or maybe even write their own. Perhaps they’ll be inspired by some of this month’s recommended books!

Sign up in store or online at nicolasbooks.com!

Book: The Chalk Art Handbook: How to Create Masterpieces on Driveways and Sidewalks and in Playgrounds!

Type:  Whole Family

Description: If you’re lucky enough to have come across one of David Zinn’s ephemeral artworks in the wild, you know how magical they are. Now, with the help of this book, you and the entire family can learn how to create them yourself! Chalk art is a fun summer activity for the whole family, and all you need is chalk, charcoal, and found objects. Be sure to stop by to see Philomena on the corner brick pillar of Nicola’s Books! – Alana

Book:   Mouthful of Minnows

Type:  Picture Book

Description:  Such a fun (& funny) picture book.  Not only does the snapping turtle decide not to eat the adorable school of minnows … he saves them, too.  A great read aloud with themes of friendship, empathy and patience.  – Christina



Book Love Rules

Type:  Picture Book

Description:  A true story from Michigan about adoption and love.  The courtroom video of this family went viral a couple of years ago and this book recaptures the love, joy and celebration of Michael’s adoption.  – Christina


Book: Be Amazing: A History of Pride

Type: Children’s History

Description: June is Pride month and this book provides a valuable overview of Stonewall and the battle for LGBTQ+ rights  Written by 12 year-old drag performer Desmond Napoles it pays homage to performers and advocates at the forefront of this community. It sends an important message of self love, to always be yourself and ignore the haters. – Meagen


Book: Skandar and the Unicorn Thief

Type: Intermediate Fantasy

Description: This is the first book in a new fantasy series and it is incredible! Fans of Percy Jackson and Harry Potter will LOVE this book. My son and I are reading this together and we can’t put it down. When 13 yr-old Skandar arrives on the Island w/hopes of becoming a unicorn rider he never imagines a world filled with mythical creatures so powerful they are protecting mankind itself. Neither does he imagine that he and his unicorn will wield an element so strong that others dare not speak of it. An amazing read! – Meagen


Book Too Bright to See

Type:  Intermediate Readers

Description:  Kyle Lukoff’s first middle grade novel with SO many feelings.  Grief, ghosts and gender identity packed into just over 200 pages.  So smart and tender.  – Christina



Book:   Over and Out

Type:    Intermediate Readers

Description:   12 year old Sophie has lived her entire life behind the Berlin Wall where everyone is watched very closely by the secret police.  She dreams of living in freedom but instead the police threaten her to spy and become an informant on the people she cares about.

Sophie and her best friend Katherina come up with a bold and risky plan to escape and the tension and suspense builds as obstacles keep coming up and no one can be trusted.  Young fans of historical fiction will not want to stop reading until the very end.

Book:   Postcards from Summer

Type: YA

Description:  A perfect summer read set on Mackinac Island!  Lexi is trying to learn more about her mother who passed away when she was younger.  She runs away to Mackinac Island to explore where her mother spent summers.  There is a thoroughly entertaining cast of characters, a little mystery, a little romance … and the gorgeous setting of Northern Michigan.   – Christina


Book:   Love Radio

Type: YA

Description:  When a romantic teen radio DJ meets an ambitious writer focused on her future, she gives him three dates to prove he’s worth her love. Will he succeed and change both their lives? Find out in this much buzzed about modern day romance set in Detroit!   – Alana