Nicola’s Books Shares Their List of Recommended Reads for May

The best new book recommendations for picture books, intermediate readers, and YA.

Ann Arbor’s Nicola’s Books has gathered its updated May list of their employees’ recommendations for children’s books for all ages. These lists help to provide some fresh literature choices to inspire your kids to read. 

Book:  Lizzy and the Cloud

Type:  Picture Book

Description:  Another sweet, charming picture book from the Fan Brothers. Lizzy is a terribly responsible pet owner and her pet, Milo, is a cloud. The stunning, evocative illustrations in this book help the reader lose themselves in the touching story about loving something enough to let it go.  -Christina



Book:   The Language of Flowers

Type:  Picture Book

Description: This beautiful picture tells the story of a bumblebee named Beatrice, adopted by an island of flowers. As she learns the language of flowers, Beatrice’s sweet messages of encouragement and love make the island bloom like never before. The relationship between flowers and bees is explored in the loving tale of pollination and kindness- Meag


Book:   Out of a Jar

Type:  Picture Book

Description:  Llewellyn and his jars are back with a lesson on how to handle the big, overwhelming feelings children often don’t know what to do with or how to handle. Once again, local author Deborah Marcero has captured magic in a jar and in her lush illustrations. – Alana



Book:   Fifty-Four Things Wrong with Gwendolyn Rogers

Type:  Intermediate Readers

Description:  A charming story.  Heart wrenching to think of all the neuro diverse kiddos without a mom like Gwendolyns’. Diverse characters, big topics but funny and heartfelt along the way.  – Christina



Book:   Rosetown Summer

Type:  Intermediate Readers

Description:  So charming. Simple yet elegant. This book by Newberry Medalist Cynthia Rylant is perfect for a young reader with great reading skills who isn’t ready for older content.  -Christina




Book:   Pony

Type:  Intermediate Readers

Description:  So beautiful and poignant. A story of love and connectedness and flawed humans.  A touching, hopeful story that surprises you and reaffirms faith in people (and ghosts). Palacio is gifted at writing for young readers without underestimating their ability to enjoy and understand complex topics and complicated relationships.  – Christina



Book:  A Show For Two

Type:  Young Adult

Description:  Great romance set in New York City. Film, photography and diverse characters. The Perfect YA read to kick off summer! – Christina




Book:  Roots Shoots Buckets & Boots

Type:  All Ages

Description: Filled with gardening tips, ideas, science, and sidebars of wisdom and lore, Sharon Lovejoys gardening treasury is wonderful for kids and adults. This is the perfect time to introduce the fun of gardening to children.  – Linda

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