Get Low

. November 6, 2012.

The University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center (UMCC) implemented a program four years ago, Project Healthy Schools. The Project, launched at 20 public schools in Michigan, was designed to reduce childhood obesity and improve future health. Recently, UMCC presented findings which indicated middle school students who began the program four years ago have maintained low cholesterol, spent less time watching television, eaten more fruits and vegetables and exercised more, all key points taught by the program. “By improving cholesterol levels, choosing to eat healthier food and participating in more school-related physical activities, these children are effectively decreasing their risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes,” says lead researcher Nicole Corriveau. The research presented at the American Heart Association 2011 Science Sessions in December, was selected as among the top 10 percent of accepted AHA abstracts during the national conference held last May. Project Healthy Schools’ wide acceptance from the academic and medical communities will allow the program to expand across mid-Michigan and Detroit.