St. Joseph Mercy to Provide Online Consultations

. October 1, 2014.

It is a common experience among parents – debating whether to take a sick child to the doctor’s office or to take care of them at home.  Most parents err on the side of caution and take their child to the doctor, potentially exposing them to all sorts of interesting and debilitating germs in the process. Wouldn’t it be better if we could have a quick conversation with a medical professional via our technological devices?  

Now you can. St. Joseph Mercy Health System has launched MDLIVE, a “national network of Board Certified physicians and licensed therapists who provide quality care through the convenience of phone, online video or secure email consultations anytime, anywhere.”

The ramifications for parents are clear. You can now send off a quick email to a medical professional, with questions like, “Should I be worried that my child is vomiting profusely?” or “From a developmental standpoint, at what age should I reasonably expect my child to be able to reach the bathroom when sick?”

A quick word from a doctor or nurse can help ease a parent’s mind.  Another promising aspect of virtual doctor visits is the thought that we can email or Skype with a doctor rather than trying to schedule the dreaded follow-up visit.  

MDLIVE notes that this service is not appropriate for emergencies, and quite often the online diagnosis is bound to be “Go see a doctor.”  Still, the MDLIVE service is a welcome addition to the modern parent’s health care toolbox. Now, if they could just invent a virtual vet to spare our  cat from a ride in the kitty-carrier.

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