Widening smiles

. January 9, 2013.

Dr. Stephen Branam knows what children need. The Oregon, Ohio based pediatric dentist, and founder of Branam Oral Health Technologies,
inc., has staked his new business on it. Branam’s company is selling a new line of oral health products for the very young, hoping to fi ll a crucial gap in the marketplace. 

Dr. Branam knew from the beginning what kind of patients he wanted to work with. Branam assisted with a pediatric
dental practice while still a student, and the experience opened his eyes.

 “I found out how much fun kids were to treat,” Branam says. “They look forward to it; they don’t dislike the dentist.” 

But it wasn’t just a matter of taste—Branam knew that the treatment very young children receive is crucial to their future development, and in the case of dental care, their needs are often underserved. 

“I only have 3000 patients,” he says. “I can’t make a big change by talking to 4000 parents a year. It’s got to be done at a commercial level.” In 2007, Branam joined forces with Detroit-area entrepreneur Mick Janness, and Branam Oral Health Technologies was born. 

The company’s first foray into the market was the Ortho-Gibby, a new, scientifi cally-designed paci- fier. The Ortho-Gibby has a shorter nipple than conventional pacifi ers, and “wings” that support the gums. “It’s like a mini mouth-guard,” Branam says. 

Now, Branam sells a range of dental care products for families, including tooth gels, chewing gums, and vitamin supplements. The key ingredient is xylitol, a naturally-occurring sweetening agent which decades of research have shown to be effective in reducing tooth decay. According to Branam, using xylitol products in the first two years of life can potentially reduce future tooth decay by 70 percent. “It’s really pretty simple,” Branam says. “We’re making healthy products that will do no harm.” Branam feels the time has never been better for his message to catch on. With more people than ever interested in natural and organic products, market forces are working in the company’s favor.

 “We’re starting in the right place,” Branam says. “We’re right on the cusp of taking off.” 

Branam Oral Health Technologies products are currently available through the website, www.branamsmile. com with hopes to expand shortly into local retail outlets. 1-877-327-2626.