Ann Arbor Favorites – February 2020

Mangonada La Pina Loca

Our readers have great taste. From interesting products, to delicious food and drink offerings, to unique places to visit, find out what local faves your neighbors are loving around town this month.

Mangonada @ La Pina Loca

3980 Platt Rd., Ste C

Icy Mexican Sweet Treat

“The Mangonada ‘smoothie’ at La Pina Loca. It’s a smooth, icy, Mexican street treat made with mango, layered with chamoy sauce (spicy, sweet goodness), topped with fruit and a straw coated in tamarind candy. The surprising combination of flavors brings me back for more.”

Sharon Quinn,
Pittsfield Township

Hot chocolate Vertex Coffee Roasters

Hot chocolate @ Vertex Coffee Roasters

1335 S. University Ave.

Chocolatey Winter Warm-Up

“The hot chocolate at Vertex is a personal favorite. It’s a perfect blend of dark chocolate, steamed milk, and, of course, cream. I like to bring my four year old and then take him sledding nearby at Nichols’ Arboretum.”

Jeff Swindle,
Ann Arbor

Pittsfield Library Branch Ann Arbor District Library

Pittsfield Library Branch @ Ann Arbor District Library

2359 Oak Valley Dr.

Clean, Quiet and Peacful

“I love this branch because it is clean, quiet, has a lot of desks for study groups and easy parking. I also like how the existence of the library didn’t disturb the natural marsh land, as it is built to coexist with the surrounding landscape.”

Julia Wiliams, Ann Arbor

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