Robinsongs offering Music Together Online

Robinsongs For Kids of Ann Arbor and Chelsea announced in a press release that the group will be offering an online version of the popular Music Together classes for kids up to age five.

Music Together is a national music program which has aimed to instill a love of rhythm and movement into kids since it began in 1987. Robinsongs For Kids has brought the curriculum of courses to area children since the company opened in 2008.

The Music Together Online courses will see Robinsongs teachers lead live online classes encouraging kids and their parents to sing, dance and use everyday objects from around the house to make music.

Though the courses are designed for children 5 and under, every member of the family is encouraged to join in, making an ideal at-home activity for the entire household. In addition, families with older children can sign up for the Rhythm Kids program, aimed at children from 4 to 8 years of age.

Tuition for the Music Together Online class is $180 per family, and includes weekly Zoom and Facebook live events, as well as access to a private Facebook group and other materials. To register, go to the Robinsongs For Kids website.