Shoppers’ delight for a Lincoln or less

Need a place to take every single person in your extended family and not get an eye roll? “Teenagers love this place,” says Five Below manager Rex Atkinson. “But we see everyone — young moms with babies, grandmas, ev- eryone in between.”

The discount shop, one of a national chain in which everything is five dollars or less, feels hipper, cleaner, and just more fun than your average dollar store. On our scouting trip in January, a neat and thorough collection of exercise equipment — including yoga mats, resistance balls and tubes, sports bras in every color of the neon rainbow, and push-up handles — was well-stocked to help people keep resolutions. Farther down, adorable hats, mittens, socks, and backpacks were arranged for maximum visibility and temptation, and for snowbound days, dozens of kits for fun projects to keep kids entertained. There’s also a terrific section where you can find headphones, iPhone cases, and a variety of gadgets that will run you considerably more just about anywhere else in town. And while you can get a sneak peek on the chain’s website (five-, the best strategy is to keep coming back. You could find a sock monkey backpack, an accordion water bottle, or maybe just the perfect pair of brilliant turquoise headphones for your upcoming plane trip.

Five Below is open Monday thru Saturday, 10am-9pm; Sunday 11am-6pm. Located in Arborland, 3529 Washtenaw Ave. 734-975-0742.