What’s a Kid to Do?

Fun for kids of all ages at the Ann Arbor Summer Festival

Summer in Ann Arbor means lots of outdoor activities for kids!  If you’re looking for something to do, check out the KidZone tent at the Ann Arbor Summer Festival. With the support of our community, they’re putting on free, fun, hands-on activities for kids all summer long. Your child can take a free karate class, practice their science skills, visit an instrument petting zoo, or maybe even see some specimens from polar regions. Of course there will be many opportunities to sing, dance, and wiggle, as kids like to do!

The KidZone tent offers free sessions for kids from 5-8pm every Tuesday through Sunday from Friday, June 14 to Sunday, July 7. Keep your eye on the calendar because every evening is a different opportunity to learn and play. The Kidzone Tent at Top of the Park is marked with an H on the A2SF Map.

Clonlara School: Light Up the Night Paper Lantern Craft

Friday, June 14 at 5pm

Make fun paper lanterns that kids can light with a glow stick and carry with them into the summer night!

Summers-Knoll: Connect with Nature

Saturday, June 15 at 5pm

An opportunity for children to to learn more about nature and our planet through hands-on crafts and activities.

U-M Museum of Natural History: The Real FROZEN

Sunday, June 16 at 5pm

Learn about animal survival in polar regions. Kids can see and touch specimens, learn facts, and do a fun activity relating to polar bears and penguins.

Formosa Association of Student Cultural Ambassadors: Oragami, Calligraphy, Puppets, and More!

Tuesday, June 18 at 5pm   

Kids will have the opportunity to do origami, write calligraphy, make paper puppets, and practice using Chinese yo-yos.

Mary A. Rackham Institute: Elephant and Piggie Series by Mo Willems

Wednesday, June 19 at 5pm

Kids can participate in interactive read- and sing-a-longs to children’s books Can I Play Too? and My Friend is Sad. There will also be an opportunity to make Elephant and Piggie hand puppets.

Center for Japanese Studies and International Institute: Games from Around the World!

Thursday, June 20 at 5pm

Kids can hear songs from many countries, and learn games like Armenian Egg Jousting, Pass the Parcel, Wanage (ring toss), Yo-Yo-Tsuri (balloon fishing game), and origami fishing.

American Field Service: Around the World with AFS

Friday, June 21 at 5pm

Play games and learn about different cultures with AFS high school exchange students from all over the world! Kids can get flags from countries they learn about and fill their AFS passports.

Treasuring Christ Church: Feel the Beat

Saturday, June 22 at 5pm

Feel the beat through fun, interactive music and rhythm activities for kids of all ages! Clap, stomp, snap, and dance with GoNoodle, make paper drums, and discover the sounds of the musical world.

Spectrum Therapy Center: Bubbles, Boats, and Buried Treasure

Sunday, June 23 at 5pm

A sensory-friendly evening for all children.

Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum: Science Festival

Tuesday, June 25 at 5pm

Fun, interactive tabletop projects for kids of all ages, including science experiments, make-and-take crafts, and art creations.

Keith Hafner’s Karate: Karate Class for Kids

Wednesday, June 26 at 5pm

Part participation, part demonstration, and an appearance by Leonard the Karate Lion, the school mascot!

Hebrew Day School: Stained Glass Window Coloring Pages

Thursday, June 27 at 5pm

Kids of all ages are invited to create a stained glass window using transparency sheets and a rainbow of markers, then add stickers, a paper frame, and a colorful ribbon to hang their finished projects.

Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra: Instrument Petting Zoo

Friday, June 28 at 5pm

Bow a violin, pluck a cello, buzz a trumpet, blow through a flute, and play other instruments seen and heard in an orchestra. It’s hands-on fun for the whole family!

Optics Society of U-M: Adventures in Technology through Optics and Robotics

Saturday, June 30 at 5pm

Learn how science and technology influence our lives and then put your knowledge to work through activities that model how we use scientific principles to solve real-world problems. Children of all ages will have a blast getting their hands dirty and learning about science and engineering.

C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital

Sunday, June 30 at 5pm

Band-Aid art, Airbrush Tattooing, Balloon Sculptures, a Bubble Machine and More!

Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market: Fresh Farmer’s Market Fun

Tuesday, July 2 at 5pm

Activities include coloring sheets, small crafts, a veggie bean bag toss game, and full-size veggie costumes!

Nam Center for Korean Studies: Korean Traditional Games and Clothes

Wednesday, July 3 at 5pm

Enjoy Korean games like Jegichagi (Korean hacky sack), Yut Nori (iconic Korean board game) and Tuho (rubber arrow tossing). Kids will learn about Korean customs and even have the chance to try on Hanboks (traditional Korean garments).

Harvest Mission Community Church: Independence Day Activities

Thursday, July 4 at 5pm

Crafts, games, and an interactive group mural to celebrate the unified diversity of the United States of America!

Leslie Science and Nature Center: All Walks of Life: Live Animal Exploration

Friday, July 5 at 5pm

Kids can observe animals up close and investigate the different ways they survive in the wild.

Stories on the Move®: Handcrafted Puppets and Story Boxes

Saturday, July 6 at 5pm

Create simple puppets for storytelling and imaginative story boxes from everyday, upcycled materials!

Stone School: Come Grow with Us!

Sunday, July 7 at 5pm

Create garden themed treasures to take home!