Adapted Recreation

. June 28, 2013.

Fun isn’t off limits for those with disabilities. Thanks to the Adapted Recreation Division of the Ann Arbor Community Education and Recreation Department, teens and adults with disabilities won’t have to miss out.

While everyone is welcome to enroll in any recreation offering and special accommodations are available, if needed, adapted classes allow participants to join in activities specifically customized for people with disabilities.

“Our program has a wide range,” said Linda Brzezinski, programs supervisor for adult enrichment classes. “We have people who are physically disabled, autistic or have Down Syndrome, or are emotionally disabled, have brain trauma injuries or developmental issues.”
Students taking part in adapted classes range from teens to 50-somethings.

Classes vary each season and may have an educational element or may be offered just for fun. “Dinner and a Movie,” provides students with a chance to whip up a meal together, watch a film and talk about what they’ve just seen onscreen. Wheelchair athletes will enjoy heading out to the lanes for the “Strike Force Bowling League.”

“The new class is called, ‘Music and Rhythm.’ It will include listening and moving to music and singing,” said Brzezinski.

For more information about taking an adapted class or becoming a volunteer staff member, call the Ann Arbor Community Education and Recreation Department at 734-994-2300, or visit