Going swimmingly

. February 27, 2013.

Not just a chance for a child with special needs to get exercise , but a chance  to discover an activity they might love, as the Down Syndrome Support Team of Washtenaw County hosts swim lessons for children between 2 and a half and 7 years old with Down syndrome at the Saline Recreation Center. “Children with Down syndrome often have low muscle tone, and swimming’s a really good all-over muscle building exercise,” says Christie Taylor, group coordinator for the DSST, explaining the lessons’ physical benefits. “A lot of them also have a weaker spine at the top of their neck, and the water doesn’t put pressure on that.” And Jordan Biga can speak of the mental benefits — her 5-year-old son recently participated in the swimming sessions. “I think a big part of why we wanted him to do it is just to try and give him something that he can be passionate about,” Biga said. “It ended up being his favorite thing to do all week.” Lessons are every Wednesday from 7-7:30pm through March 27, and are held at the Saline Recreation Center, 1866 Woodland Dr. The DSST pays 80% of the cost. Register at www.salinerec.com or call 734-429-3502. If your child doesn’t fit into the lesson age range, the DSST will pay for 80% of any YMCA class for which he or she does qualify.

Visit www.DownSyndromeSupportTeam.com or contact Taylor at ctaylor@DownSyndromeSupportTeam.com for more info. —KE