In The Saddle

. November 7, 2012.

Cycling is a perfect form of exercise — an intense cardiovascular workout, but low-impact so it doesn’t put undue strain on delicate joints. But for families with special needs, cycling can present challenges. Saline’s Ryde On Cycling Studio is a fitness destination that allows for safe year-round indoor cycling on stationary bikes — a good thing for anyone looking to get in shape. But for special needs families at Saline High School, Ryde On is becoming an invaluable resource. A new program brings special needs students from the high school to Ryde On for cycling sessions, giving them much-needed fitness and socialization experience. “We’re trying to get it to once a week,” says Ryde On managing partner Brigid Lossing. “It’s slightly different (from our regular classes),” she explains. “The teacher designates a lead rider from among the students, then we have an instructor who cues them and gives them inspiration. We’re trying to recreate the experience of a road ride.” The sessions take about an hour, and are tailored to the students’ level of function. “We let the teacher sort that out,” Lossing says. “We’re happy to provide the experience to whichever kids can benefit.”

450 E. Michigan Ave., Saline. 734-316-2356.