Joyful, joyful


Plymouth, MI author Joan BroggiWhen Plymouth mom, Joan Broggi, attended her son’s high school graduation, she was so amazed by the amount of love shown to him by others that she was inspired to write her fi rst book. Bursting with Joy is a story of inspiration, faith, and honesty; a look at life through the eyes of her son, Alex Broggi. Born with epilepsy, Alex has had numerous tonic-clonic (grand mal) seizures throughout his life. Although he is 19 years old physically, he is mentally at an 8-year-old level. Yet, his innate wisdom taught his family, friends and educators invaluable life lessons. Joan shares her experiences
in her book and speaking engagements, helping others to focus on the positive impact children have on our lives. Joan’s book is available at all Borders and Barnes & Noble stores. She is scheduled to speak at the Plymouth District Library Saturday, April 17 and at Main Street Flowers and Gifts in Belleville, MI on Saturday, April 24. 

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