Karate kids

. October 26, 2012.

Starting in September, Martial Arts Therapy will provide kids with special needs with the opportunity to enjoy some physical fun and practice their best “hi-ya!”. The classes will specialize in teaching kids with any neurological diagnoses, providing them with the opportunity to better their strength, balance, attention and self-esteem through martial arts. The class is set in a relaxed, pressure-free environment, with the sole focus on whatever each kid can do best. (Parents participate in the course, too.) Though it’s not meant to replace other kinds of therapy, it’s a positive, ability-focused environment for young ones with a penchant for karate kicks.

The course session runs 8 weeks, with hour-long classes at either 5:30pm or 6:30pm. Martial Arts Therapy, Inc., 7800 W. Sharpe Rd., Fowlerville. 517-375-0252. www.martialartstherapy.com —AR