Living on the Spectrum

. September 30, 2013.

“One way to explain the effect that autism has had on our family is to compare the disorder to a brick wall that stood between us and our son, Nicholas," says Carol S., Nicholas' mom "He was on one side of this thick, impenetrable barrier, and my husband, Ed, and I were on the other. We couldn’t reach him to teach him."

"ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) looks very different for each child and family," says Janice Morgan, Development Officer at the Judson Center. "Each family must go through their own process to understand what that might mean for their child."

Autism Connections, a service provided by the Judson Center, offers a comprehensive menu of therapeutic services designed to support the entire family. Although families are frequently referred by their physician, school or insurance company, a referral is not required. Families are welcome to approach the Center directly to learn more about its services.

A comprehensive intake appointment is usually scheduled after a family has received a diagnosis from an outside health care provider. During the intake, the staff meets with the family and the identified client to learn more about the family’s needs, answering any questions and also matching the family with whichever services may be the best fit.

"The critical difference that Judson Center made in our lives," says Carol S., "was to teach us how to teach Nicholas. Where we saw just a brick wall, the therapist was able to see the tiny cracks that would become the entrance ways to Nicholas’s success. Thanks to the exceptional, affordable and targeted therapies we have received from Judson Center, the barrier that autism once represented is getting thinner and weaker.”

The Judson Center website features an event calendar, contact information to help get you started, and links to its Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages. Families and individuals who do not require the services but would like to get involved at the donation and/or volunteer level will also find helpful information. Washtenaw County Office: 3840 Packard Road Suite 170, Ann Arbor, 734-528-1692