North Star Reaches Children with Health Challenges

. April 29, 2015.

North Star Reach in Pinckney is preparing for its grand opening and families feel blessed to know that this camp opportunity is coming soon.  “In spring 2016, our new camp facility will open for year-round programming to serve children with serioushealth challenges through weekly camp sessions as well as their parents and siblings via family camp weekends,” said Marji Wisniewski, media director.  Whether your child has congenital heart disease, organ transplants, is ventilator dependent, has sickle cell, blood disorders, cancer or another medical condition, he can thrive at North Star Reach where there is a medical center on site.

Kids are sure to have a great time at this 9th Serious Fun Camp founded by Paul Newman.  “The benefits to the campers is that it enhances self-esteem; promotes independence; fosters resilience; provides social connectedness; and much more,” said Wisniewski.  Nobody feels left  out here.  

“Since we serve kids with challenges, they will not know any differences and it is like a regular camp for the campers, but parents will feel good leaving them with us,” said Wisniewski.  The best part is that the camp experience will be free of charge to approximately 1,500 kids, made possible by generous donations. 

1050 Highland Dr. 734-680-8744.