Planning for the future

. March 20, 2013.

Estate planning, will and trusts can be overwhelming, especially when a loved one has special needs. Families may have resources they want to share with a family member, but they do not want to damage eligibility for public benefits. The Malletts Creek Branch offers a workshop on Monday, August 9 from 6:30-9:30 p.m., led by Joshua Fink, an attorney engaged primarily in estate planning for families with children who have developmental disabilities or mental illness. He will identify the main types of special needs trusts, explain how the money in a special needs trust can be used, and describe when and how to put into place special provisions in wills and trusts. The program is part of the Everything You Always Wanted to Know Family Learning Series. Malletts Creek Branch, 3090 E. Eisenhower Pkwy., Ann Arbor.