Riding strong

. July 16, 2013.

The emotional link between humans and horses runs deep, and has enriched both species since we first domesticated these gentle giants in the depths of prehistory. Saline non-profit Ride4Fun uses the
power of connection with horses to create a unique therapeutic experience for individuals with special needs. Ride4Fun offers a variety of services in an inclusive setting, letting clients interact with animals in ways that boost their self-confi dence and self-esteem. Private and semi-private riding lessons and summer day camps are available for would-be riders. But Ride4Fun is about
more than recreation. “Hippotherapy” (from the Greek for “horse”—no hippos are involved) is practiced by licensed therapists who are trained in occupational, speech or language therapy, but are also
accomplished in horsemanship. Interacting with the horse and its movements becomes an integral part of the therapeutic experience. Now, clients can gain the benefi ts of riding year-round, in Ride4Fun’s heated indoor arena. Open the eyes of a special-needs child to the richness of connection with horses. 8957 Austin Rd., Saline. 734-944-6651. www.ride4fun.org