Special Needs School Recognized

. November 2, 2014.

Ann Arbor Academy, a private school for children with special needs, was named eighth best in the United States by the Master’s in Special Education Program Guide. Meredith Schindler, M.S., director of Ann Arbor Academy, said that her students are youth whose “learning styles are not being met in public schools or other places.”

Many students have diagnoses that may make it difficult for them to succeed in a typical public school setting, including dyslexia, ADHD, anxiety disorders, or an autism spectrum disorder. With a wide range of cognitive and academic abilities, the students greatly benefit from the smaller, more personalized environment and support provided by the Academy.

Schindler stated that the students “have a lot of potential but they are not really able to reach it at the settings they’ve been in.” Ann Arbor Academy focuses

on each child and their particular strengths and needs. The staff at the Acad- emy “work really hard to provide a social environment that is safe and sup- portive,” she said. Services provide a sense of empowerment to the students by teaching self-advocacy, social skills, and focus on enhancing executive functioning skills. The environment and services are nurturing and relaxing. When kids are understood, heard, cared for, and also challenged in ways appropriate to their individuality, they can succeed in all aspects of life.

They currently provide education for students in fourth through twelfth grades but hope to have openings for Kindergarteners through third graders, as well, within the next one to two years.

Ann Arbor Academy, 111 E. Mosley St., Ann Arbor. 734-747-6641 www.annarboracademy.org