zoey + joey is like no other hair salon

. October 30, 2015.

zoey + joey is like no other hair salon – with cars to sit in instead of chairs, TVs to watch, and a sleek, modern design. Owner, Ilze Meija-Ham, describes her salon as being, “A special place because everything we do here is specifically catered to children, from babies to toddlers, to teens.  We are also organic, which means that all products that we use in the salon and sell are all natural and non-toxic, which is important to parents, and great for kids with allergies or sensitivities. “

Many children who visit zoey + joey have special needs, and Meija-Ham and her team are skilled at making these visits a positive experience for children and their families. Ilze explains some of the ways she and her staff make children comfortable during their visit – “We have several special things at zoey + joey that we do when giving a haircut to a child with special needs, starting with [choosing] a car to sit in and TV to watch, if the parents say it’s ok,” Meija-Ham shares. “Other things that our stylists often do include introducing themselves to the child… letting them hold onto a special object during the cut, explaining to the child what they are going to do next, spraying the comb instead of spraying the head, using only scissors instead of using clippers, and asking if it’s ok to use the blow-dryer.”

Meija-Ham urges parents, “To prepare for the haircut, tell your child what to expect, and make sure they are well fed and rested.  It also doesn’t hurt to take a snack along or a special object from home.  It is always helpful to us if families inform us that their child does have special needs, [as] it helps us better prepare for the cut.  Last, if we are ever unable to complete a haircut to your satisfaction, you can bring your child back within 7-days, free of charge.”

To learn more about the unique salon, zoey + joey:
3620 Washtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor
(734) 975-9400