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Chef and daughter bring Cooking Show to Facebook

If you’re looking for some great cooking-at-home ideas or just a wonderfully entertaining show to binge during quarantine, Chef John Miller of Catering at Ross and his daughter Sloane have you covered with The Cooking Show. Hosted every Tuesday and Friday on the Catering at Ross Facebook page, the live-streaming series sees Miller and his

Co-parenting in the coronavirus pandemic: A family law scholar’s advice

By: Marcia Zug, University of South Carolina As millions of people around the world practice social distancing and self-quarantine, they are separating themselves from everyone but their immediate family members. However, for divorced or separated parents who share custody of their children, the definition of “immediate family” isn’t obvious. Already, family lawyers around the country are

Mothering Justice Brings Digital March to Remind Lawmakers during Covid-19 Pandemic: We Show Up, We Vote, and We Matter

The non-profit organization, Mothering Justice, is gathering digitally on Wednesday, May 6 to let lawmakers know that despite current events surrounding COVID-19, they are here, they vote, and they matter. Mothering Justice is a for-profit organization that works to raise the voices of mothers and work to help mothers become policy makers and shapers within

At Home Online Learning Resources and Podcasts for Kids

During this time, things might be crazy at home, and your kids are probably adjusting to their new online schooling. Here are some fun resources to help further their education and keep them entertained and learning. These resources are free or may be offering temporary free access during this time. Academics Play games and watch