All things in moderation


Video games have evolved from the days of dodging ghosts in a maze and hopping on 8-bit Koopas.  In the 21st Century, gamers can meet up with other gamers from across the globe and set out on extraordinary quests in an ever-changing digital environment.  But, for some, the life of their avatar replaces life in the real world, and as a result gamers of all ages, from teenagers to middle age, are alienating themselves, losing their jobs, and suffering emotional, physical, and social deterioration.  Kevin Roberts was once a cyber and video game addict who spent untold hours in front of a computer screen, but now he is a nationally recognized expert on gaming addiction who has developed a sixteen-module curriculum to help those trapped in the cycle of Internet abuse.  His first book, Cyber Junkie, hits shelves on September 1 and recounts his experiences, as well as those of others, of getting lost inside the digital labyrinth and finding his way out.  Roberts will be having a book talk and signing at Borders Ann Arbor located at 612 E. Liberty St. on Wednesday, September 8, at 7 p.m.