Brothers Support Cerebral Palsy Awareness

. November 2, 2014.

Hunter and Braden Gandee are brothers who proudly support raising Cerebral Palsy awareness. Braden has cerebral palsy, a condition that affects a person’s mobility, muscles, motor coordination and sometimes brain function.

In June 2014, Hunter, 14, carried his brother, Braden, 8, on his back for 40 miles from the Bedford Michigan Junior High School gym to the University of Michigan over the course of two days. The walk represented the daily physical and mental struggles faced by those with cerebral palsy.

The walk was inspired by a dream that the boys’ mother had one night. Their mother dreamt that Hunter was carrying his brother on his back over a long distance. The dream could have foretold the challenges those with mobility issues and their families face but also the support, guidance, and positivity that can arise in the face of adversity. The family wanted to and continues to raise awareness about the condition.

They are currently working on a project to raise funds to build an all-inclusive, handicap accessible park at Braden’s school, Douglas Road Elementary. They have raised about $50,000 so far of the estimated cost, about $200,000.

Hunter said that he and his family have “wanted to let people know how hard it is for Braden” and other people with cerebral palsy. He states that the family plans to continue supporting Cerebral Palsy awareness and those with mobility challenges.

For information on how to donate or to contact the Gandee family, visit The Cerebral Palsy Skkwagger website at or look them up on their Facebook page.